Baby Born On Crowded Commuter Train in London

Baby Born on Train London

London mass transit commuters probably weren’t expecting the birth of a child during their ride today. Thankfully, the newborn baby and its mother are doing just fine after a successful delivery.

The baby was born at West Mailing aboard a crowded rush hour train – the 18:18 London Victoria to Maidstone East service. While the baby was being delivered, the train was delayed for close to 45 minutes. A spokesman for the rail company spoke to BBC about the baby’s birth:

The normal protocol for a medical emergency is for the conductor to administer first aid, but it is likely he would have had to put a message out to ask for help.

The rail company is preparing to send flowers to the new mother and her healthy child. Several warm tweets from the actual passengers of the train were posted afterwards:

A couple other tweets came courtesy of the trending topic #WestMalling: