New Bacon-Flavored Condom is Breakthrough for America

bacon condom

Congratulations, America! The “bacon mania” phenomenon has made its way into the bedroom. J&D — a company whose goal is to “make everything taste like bacon” — has invented the bacon-flavored condom. Not only will it make your junk taste like a slab of greasy pork meat, but the latex glove will even make it look like bacon too. And don’t worry, boys and girls, this meat is even kosher certified.

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Are you ready to take your love of bacon to the next level?

bacon flavored condom

This isn’t the only “creative” product the bacon-obsessed J&D company produces. In addition to the meat tasting condom the small company also produces bacon lip balm, bacon-flavored envelopes, and baconnaise (you guessed it, bacon flavored mayo). Quality is guaranteed as these condoms are “proudly made in America of the highest quality latex and rigorously tested to help ensure the utmost reliability and safety for when you’re makin’ Bacon.”

I guess if for you “bacon” is synonymous with “love” that pun actually makes sense.

bacon flavored condom

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