Ex RIM Exec Who Caused Plane Diversion Deported From Canada

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(Via PhillipC/Flickr)

George Campbell, one of two senior Research in Motion vice presidents arrested in 2011 for causing a disturbance on an Air Canada flight, was deported this week back to Scotland.

Campbell, 46, and fellow vice president Paul Alexander Wilson, made international news in December 2011 when they got so drunk on an Air Canada Toronto to Beijing flight that they had to be restrained with plastic zip ties.

Their drunken antics also forced the flight to make an emergency stop in Vancouver.

According to witnesses, Campbell and Wilson had been drinking before and during the flight and had taken sleeping pills. They became so rowdy that they needed to be restrained with plastic zips ties – which one of them chewed his way free of.

Flight attendants also had to tie them down with tape.

Prior to being restrained, Campbell was singing and banging on seats and was yelling and swearing at other passengers.

According to court documents, he even got into the aisle and laid down on his stomach, kicking the floor “like a child having a temper tantrum”.

The incident forced the pilot to divert the plane from its intended course and land in Vancouver, British Columbia where the men were both arrested.

Fired soon after by RIM, now known as Blackberry, the men were ordered to pay $10,528 each in restitution to Air Canada. Both natives of Scotland, Campbell – who did not have Canadian residency – was ultimately deported.

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