Astronaut Mark Kelly’s Pit Bull Attacks Baby Sea Lion in Shocking Video

A dog belonging to Mark Kelly — the NASA astronaut and husband of heroic wounded former Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords — savagely attacked a beached baby sea lion in a shocking video that made its way to YouTube.

The 65-pound American bulldog mix latches on to the helpless sea mammal and kills it in a bloody frenzy as Kelly and his 18-year-old daughter, who is reportedly the dog’s official owner and lives with it in Houston, struggle to wrestle the pooch free.

mark kelly dog sea lion

Mark Kelly.

Meanwhile, voices off-camera, perhaps including the cameraman, can be heard offering advice:

Drown the dog. Drown the dog! He’ll let go and swim. … Drown that f*ckin’ dog.

According to the L.A. Times, Giffords, Kelly and Kelly’s daughter were vacationing in Laguna Beach, California, over the weekend when the attack occurred.

Both Kelly and Giffords are American heroes. Giffords miraculously survived when she was shot in the head during a 2011 massacre at a meet-the-congresswoman event in Tucson.

She’s made an inspiring recovery and recently spoke before Congress in a tear-jerking speech at a gun-violence hearing.

gabrielle giffords dog sea lion seal

Gabrielle Giffords.

Kelly, along with his brother Scott Kelly, is a NASA astronaut. Mark Kelly also made news recently when he bought an assault rifle to illustrate how easy it is to obtain weapons.