Montreal Police Hacked Yet Again By Anonymous

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(Via luccast85/Flickr)

For the third time in less than a year, the Montreal police department has been hacked.

Thought to have been perpetrated by Anonymous, police are investigating yet anther cyberattack that leaked dozens of confidential files, including the names and photos of undercover agents.

The data was shared on Facebook and Twitter late Tuesday evening.

Montreal police constable Raphaël Bergeron told the Gazette:

The purpose of the people doing that is to put pressure and to intimidate police officers. We’re taking it seriously.

Just over a month ago in the run up to the Quebec government’s tuition summit, the names, job titles and telephone numbers of hundreds of police officers were posted publicly.

For the past year, Montreal has been wracked by student protests against the provincial government’s plan to raise tuition rates. Hundreds have been arrested in that time, and many of those detained have accused the police of brutality.

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