They’re Nuts For Nutella At Columbia University!

nutella craze

It’s shocking that they didn’t see this coming.

Two dining halls on the campus of Columbia University started serving the chocolate hazelnut spread Nutella last month. Shortly thereafter, students began stealing it from the dining hall by spooning it into to-go containers and stealing the jars. Rascals!

According to the Columbia Spectator, students are going through about 100 lbs of Nutella per day. Not surprising- Nutella is downright delicious.

The student-run newspaper claims that high demand for Nutella is costing the school $5,000 a week, but according to ABC News, the University has responded saying they do not disclose any financial statements, and such estimates are merely speculations.

In other words, it’s probably true. Now, how to sneak into a Columbia University dining hall…

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