Anthony Weiner, Who Tweeted Scandalous Photo, is Back On Twitter

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Anthony Weiner, ex US Congressman who left Congress when he was caught in the midst of a sex scandal, is back on Twitter.

Back in 2011, life was good for Anthony Weiner. He was a U.S. Congressman, representing the 9th Congressional District of New York, and was one of the hottest names in Democratic politics.

However, all that came crashing down when Weiner it came out that he had tweeted a photo of his junk.

He was involved in a scandal where he admitted he was having virtual affairs, using Twitter, with “six women over three years.”

The sexting scandal became national news and the Congressman resigned from politics.

But, since then, Weiner has shown interest in running for mayor of New York City. Most recently, he did an interview with New York Magazine, Weiner admitted that he was interested in a 2013 mayoral run.

According to public records, Weiner has raised over $5.1 million for a potential campaign, more than every other candidate other than Christine Quinn.

Now, Weiner has decided to come back to social media, starting a new Twitter account, @anthonyweiner.

You can check out his account here.

What’s he tweeted so far? An online e-book outlining the 64 ways to keep New York City “The Capital of the Middle Class.”

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