Chilean Cult Burns Newborn Baby Alive — Thought He Was ‘Anti-Christ’

Detained members of religious sect in question

Detained members of religious sect in question

An investigation has revealed that a 2-day-old baby boy was burned alive with his mother’s consent in the town of Colliguay in Southern Chile.

Authorities have detained members of a religious cult who allegedly “murdered the newborn” because they thought he was “the anti-christ.”

The arrests were made after the charred remains of the infant were discovered.

The infant’s father — believed to be the religious leader of the group behind the slaying, Ramon Gustavo Castillo Gaete, 36 — assured followers the baby was “a demon.”

The child’s mother, Natalia Guerra, 25, reportedly OK’d the execution.

The baby was born November 21 last year and was checked out of the hospital without doctor authorization. The next day the child was thrown into a 2-foot-deep pit of fire. The bizarre murder occurred a month before what the group thought would be the end of the world (December 21).

This is believed to be the reason why the baby was “sacrificed.”

As of now, there are three members of the religious sect in custody, including the infant’s mother. The group’s leader is suspected to be hiding in Peru, where there are efforts in motion for his arrest.