Man Shoots & Kills Pregnant Girlfriend: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Following a high-speed chase, Dallas police have cornered a 26-year-old suspect who allegedly shot his pregnant girlfriend. Here’s what we know about this developing story.

car chase dallas man kills pregnant girlfriend

1. The Girlfriend and Fetus Are Dead

At a home daycare facility in the Hamilton Park neighborhood, the suspect allegedly shot his pregnant girlfriend in the stomach and leg. Both she and the unborn child succumbed to their wounds.

The shooting occurred here in the 12300 block of Hoblitzelle in the Hamilton Park neighborhood:

It’s believed the man went to the house at around 10:30 a.m. and after a fight with the pregnant woman he opened fire and fled.

2. A Cop Was Shot

Car chase abandoned car

During the chase, the suspect opened fire out his car window and wounded a police officer who was giving chase. The cop has been hospitalized. The officer was shot in the stomach and was wearing a bulletproof vest.

3. There Was a Dramatic, Televised Chase

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Playing out on live television with news-helicopter footage, cops tailed the suspect, who was driving a silver sedan, at high speed down I-30, onto Central Expressway and then on residential streets. Police maintained their distance as the suspect erratically swerved in traffic. The chase lasted about an hour.

4. The Chase Ended Near Where it Began

Car chase suspect

The suspect turned off the highway, crashed and ditched his car on suburban street — two blocks from where it all began.

5. Cops Have the Suspect Cornered

man kills pregnant girlfriend car chase dallas

The suspect ran into a home on Schroeder Road. A standoff is ongoing. Police told the media to back off, so there is no more helicopter footage. In fact, NBCDFW cut from the live feed to air the regularly scheduled programming: Days of Our Lives.

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