Rehtaeh Parsons Rape Case Reopened After ‘Anonymous’ Involvement

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Following a public outcry Nova Scotia RCMP said on Friday that they are reopening their investigation into the alleged rape of Rehtaeh Parsons, saying new and credible information has been brought to their attention.

“The investigators are going to look at that in its entirety, So we’re back in business and we’re going to continue to move forward and see where that information leads us,” said RCMP Cpl. Scott MacRae.

Parsons was allegedly raped by four classmates when she was 15 years old. She died April 7, after her family made the decision to remove her from life support following her suicide attempt three days earlier.

Anonymous reportedly knows the names of those involved, but have respected the wishes of Parsons’ family to keep them private.

“Some of us have had contact with the boys in question. And yeah, they’re still not denying anything,” a spokesperson for Anonymous said in an e-mail. “One of them post (sic) on Facebook a day ago that yes, she was drunk and throwing up when he had sex with her, but she wanted him to.”

A peaceful protest is apparently planned for Sunday, at 2pm in front of the Halifax Regional Police headquarters.

“To anyone planning to attend this protest: we welcome and encourage your attendance… but sully the name of Anonymous or Rehteah Parsons through acts of violence at your own risk,” it reads.

“Rehtaeh’s family has made very clear their desire for any actions to be an expression of love and tolerance, a characteristic of Rehteah’s nature. We ask anyone who plans to attend to keep this fact at the front of their mind. Anonymous demands Justice for Ray Parsons, not retribution.”

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