Teamsters Block WBC Picket at Krystle Campbell’s Funeral [Photos]

The Teamsters had announced yesterday that any attempts by the Westboro Baptist Church to protest the funeral of Krystle Campbell, the 29 year old woman killed in the Boston Marathon Bombings, would be met by a human shield, and they proved as good as their word.

The church released this bulletin regarding their intentions to protest:

Teamsters Krystel Campbell Funeral Westboro Baptist Church.

As it turns out The Most Hated Family in America, thankfully, never made an appearance. The Boston Globe reports:

There was never any sign of members of the churches protesters. Medford police had plain clothes officers combing the crowd, which remained calm and orderly through the morning. While the blocking of possible protests was organized by the Teamsters, it drew many people without union ties.

Yesterday the group showed up in Kansas to picket the STP 400.

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Westboro Baptist church, Chattanooga, Tennessee is in mourning. Leave us alone. We don’t want you here. You are.not people of God.You are the enemy of God’s people. You need to repent. Your church is the one that is the terriorists, and are going against God’s will. You need to ask Him for forgiveness. Stay away from Chattanooga.

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