The really sad part is that Joan would have loved to rip on the hateful holy rollers.

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Will America’s most hated church really show its ugly face in Ferguson?

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The hateful holy rollers from Topeka, Kansas, have asked their Twitter followers for information on Maya Angelou’s funeral.

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Fred Phelps, 84, the founder of the hateful Westboro Baptist Church, has died after weeks of illness. Here is what you need to know.

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Scott’s family want her funeral and burial to take place in her spiritual home in Utah.

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Apparently Lorde doesn’t like her music being parodied by the monsters from Topeka, Kansas.

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The Internet has a lot to say about Fred Phelps being on his death bed.

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Who’s ready to picket HIS funeral?

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The monsters from Topeka, Kansas, took special offense to Hoffman’s portrayal of openly gay writer Truman Capote.

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The God-fearing haters are poised to soil the folk legend’s funeral.

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There are no words…

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Paul Walker’s funeral arrangements are still a bit fuzzy, but we’ve got all the facts so far and will continue to update you with all the details as they come in.

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The monsters will stop at nothing to hurt people in mourning.

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The Westboro Baptist Church are keeping up with breaking news.

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The monsters from Topeka may be heading to NYC, targeting the funeral of a music legend whom they label a “fag pimp.”

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The monsters from Westboro want to ruin the memorial to an American hero.

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