Westboro Baptist Church to Picket NASCAR STP 400 in Kansas


The Westboro Baptist Church have added NASCAR to their busy hate-mongering schedule. The race is scheduled for Sunday 21 April. It doesn’t look like the world of stock cars has done anything specifically to offend the WBC, but it’s a general run-of-the-mill hate stop.

Earlier in the week, the church reached new levels of heartlessness by promising to picket the funerals of those killed by the Boston Marathon Bomb as well as the victims of the explosion in West, Texas.

A note on the Westboro Baptist Church website regarding the picket reads:

Westboro Baptist Church will picket the Kansas Speedway, in their end-of-season hunt for glory. Global eyes are on this idol. What is a servant of God to do? PICKET!

When Doomed USA was young and in love with her God, thankful for being delivered from the tyrant’s of England, Sunday morning was a time for men to take their little families to church, to thank God and worship Him and sing praises to Him. But this evil nation forgot her God, and like a whorish woman has hopped into bed with every rebel that comes along with a dime in his overalls. God struck this nation and smote her again and again. And for it all, this whore called america has not and will not repent.

The preachers are to blame, so it is perfect that the rebels have abandoned the whore houses called churches. Perfect I say!

On a regular basis, the Lord God who holds the breath of life in HIS hand, who states that HE kills and HE makes alive and there is NONE with him, takes one of your NASCAR “heroes” and casts them into hell. You get right in his face with your rebellion and filthy manner of life, so he gets right into your face and violently rends your “heroes” to pieces and there is NONE to deliver. If you are wise, you will thank God and praise His name, and then when you call upon him in the time of trouble, HE WILL HELP. If not, He will curse you:

They also included a message that the church hate NASCAR star, Brad Keselowski.