WATCH: Chinese Baby Flushed Down Toilet Found Alive in Pipe!

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A newborn Chinese baby who was flushed down a toilet was rescued alive in a dramatic operation that cut him out of a drain pipe. Watch the video above.

The 2-day-old boy was heard from a fourth-floor squat lavatory in the wealthy coastal province of Zhejiang.

Firefighters tried pulling the newborn out, but he was so stuck that they had to saw out the section of pipe and take the baby to the hospital to be removed.

Both Firefighters and doctors spent almost an hour chipping away the pieces of pipe from the baby’s body, which still had the placenta and umbilical cord attached. The baby only suffered cuts to his face and limbs.

Authorities later reported they had found the mother.

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ABCNews reports that about 250 babies are abandoned in China each year. Reasons for abandoning babies can be: young mothers who did not know they were pregnant, financial and social pressures as well as facing fines if a couple has more than one child because of the one child limit in China.

The baby is in stable condition and the mother will be charged with attempted murder, according to

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