Feds Investigating Westboro Baptist Church Death Threats

Westboro Baptist Church: FBI Investigate Phelps Death Threats

An emailed death threat to the patriarch of the Westboro Baptist Church, the church which generates publicity by picketing the funerals of US soldiers, blaming their deaths on the acceptance of homosexuality in society, Fred Phelps, which also makes reference to his daughter, Shirley, was sent to The Topeka Capital-Journal that stated:

The Westboro Baptist Church is great at reciting numbers from scripture. I’ll give them a couple numbers they may not be used to.

[They protested at] my buddy’s funeral. I’ve tried to send email to them, but they have pretty much blocked themselves off from outside mail.

According to the Capital-Journal, the numbers in question are “7.62×39. The AK 47 round that my buddy was killed by” and “.308.”

The Email went on:

Pastor Fred Phelps better pray God helps him on that number, because it is the caliber of bullet that will pass cleanly through his and his daughter’s head and end the pain and suffering that the WBC has caused.

According to the 1994 Freedom of Access to Clinic Entrances (FACE) Act—Title 18, U.S.C., Section 248, makes sending death threats a federal offense, so these threats will be referred to the Kansas branch of the FBI.

In 2012, a bizarre reversal of roles saw a Washington state DJ recieve death threats after he donated a portion of his show to Fred Phelps, in exchange for WBC agreeing not to picket the funeral of two young boys in Graham, Washington.

Meanwhile the church are up to their usual antics by protesting a range of venues in Florida this week.