Jodi Arias Guilty of First Degree Murder — May Face Death

Jodi Arias, the woman at the center of one of the most high-profile murder trials in recent memory, has been found guilty of first degree murder.

The verdict was read moments ago.

Arias cried. Audience members cheered.

The verdict — which came after three days of deliberation at the end of a four-month trial — makes Arias eligible for the death penalty; in the second phase of the trial, jurors will determine whether she dies or spends her life in prison.

Here’s a photo of Arias as the verdict was read:

In 2008, Travis Alexander was found in the shower of his home, stabbed 30 times, shot in the head, with a slit throat.

Arias claimed she was the victim of an abusive relationship. Prosecutors called it cold-blooded murder.

The case centered on Mesa, Arizona, but drew international attention as gruesome details of the slaying and lurid details of their sex life emerged throughout the lengthy, bizarre trial, which began January 2.

Arias admitted to shooting Alexander, with his gun, but said she doesn’t remember stabbing him to a pulp.

The jury’s options were:

• Find Arias guilty of second-degree murder (10-22 years in prison)
• Find Arias guilty of first-degree murder (possible death penalty)
• Acquit Arias, based on her self-defense argument

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