WATCH: Nicole Mansfield Appears in Anti-Israel Protest Video in Flint

Nicole Lynn Mansfield, the American woman killed in Syria by pro-Assad forces, appears in the above video in the only known footage of her alive.

The video — taken from daughter Triana Lynn Mansfield’s YouTube page — is of an anti-Israel protest in downtown Flint, Michigan. Nicole Mansfield makes various short appearances in the video (0:05-0:30 and 0:53-0:57 and 2:33- 2:50).

Although some reports are alleging that the 33-year-old Michigan mother was involved in an al-Qaida-backed rebel faction in Syria, Triana Lynn Mansfield has defended her mother, saying that her mother was not a “terrorist” or a “CIA agent.”

The daughter made this comment on Heavy’s YouTube video covering this story:


The only other known footage of Nicole Mansfield, tragically, is of her corpse.

It is difficult to understand what pulled Mansfield toward the war-torn Middle Eastern country and what exactly she was doing there. The State Department is currently investigating the circumstances of her death. For more on Mansfield’s mysterious story, check out the in-depth coverage below:

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