Officer Jason Ellis Killed in Roadside Ambush: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

K-9 Officer Jason Ellis, Kentucky Ambush

(Bardstown Police Dept.)

K-9 Officer Jason Ellis was killed Saturday morning after being a victim of a roadside ambush in Kentucky. He was a seven-year veteran of the Bardstown Police Department and is the first officer killed in the line of the duty for the Bardstown Police. Here’s what you need to know.

1. It Happened 40 Miles Southeast of Louisville

Bardstown, Officer Jason Ellis, Jason Ellis

(Google Maps)

The ambush happened on exit 34 off the Blue Grass Parkway in Nelson County. He was just 10 miles away from his home in Bardstown, Kentucky.

2. The Ambush is Believed to Be Premeditated

Jason Ellis, Officer Jason Ellis


Ellis was driving home at 2:53 a.m. Saturday morning when he stopped on the side of the exit ramp to remove pieces of debris off the road, reports ABC News. As he began to clear the road, he was shot multiple times in an ambush that left him dead. Police believe the attack was premeditated and that the debris was intentionally left on the road as a trap. It is not clear, however, if the killing was meant for Officer Ellis, someone else or just the first person that came along.

“It wasn’t a traffic stop that went bad. It wasn’t an arrest that went bad,” said Bardstown Chief of Police Rick McCubbin. “That someone actually took the time to plan it and set it up makes it that much more, obviously hurtful, but it makes you mad.”

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3. There are No Suspects

Jason Ellis, Kentucky Ambush

Officer Ellis leaves behind a wife and two sons (Give Forward)

Police do not have any suspects as of yet, but there is suspicion that more than one person may have been involved.

“We have no suspects at this time, but we don’t believe kids were responsible because of how calculated the crime was,” Trooper Chaffins said. “The location was obviously not picked randomly.”

4. Police Are Seeking ‘Eye For an Eye’ Punishment

Jason Ellis, Kentucky Ambush

Bardstown Chief of Police Rick McCubbin

Chief McCubbin vowed to avenge Officer Ellis’ death even if it means an “eye for an eye.”

“It’s an eye for an eye,” McCubbin said. “You kill one of my guys, I’m not going to rest until I have you in cuffs or on the front side of a weapon. And I mean that.”

5. Officials are Asking the Public for Help

Officer Jason Ellis, Kentucky Ambush

Officers salute the body of fallen officer Jason Ellis. (CBS News)

Police are asking the public for any information that may lead them to a suspect and are offering a $6,000 reward, reports The Raw Story. Citizens are asked to text in tips, visit the Kentucky State Police website or to e-mail a public affairs officer.

“The smallest detail that may not seem important to a lay person may be the one detail we need to bring someone to justice,” said investigators in a statement.

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