Syria to Allow Palestinians to Attack Israel After Airstrike

Syria, Israel, Israeli Syrian Conflict

Palestinians wave the Syrian flag during a rally against the Israeli attack on Syria.

After Israel conducted an airstrike on Syria last week, Syrian officials have approved a measure to allow a Palestinian militant group to launch an attack over the Golan Heights border, reports the Global News.

“Syria has given the green light to set up missile batteries to directly attack Israeli targets,” Anwar Raja of the Damascus-based Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine-General Command told The Associated Press.

Raja also said that the group could carry out the attack independently without consulting Syria.

“Practically, the Syrian stand has always been supportive of the Palestinian resistance and Syria provides the Palestinian resistance with all capabilities including all kinds of weapons,” Raja said.

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Khalid Abd al-Majid, secretary-general of the Palestinian Popular Struggle Front, said that the matter is scheduled to be discussed in future meetings between Syria Palestinian faction leaders. Majid said that Syria has the “right and duty to respond using all available means.”

The Israeli government has not confirmed its involvement in the attack on Syria last week, but Israeli officials said the airstrike was meant to prevent advanced military weapons from being transported to Lebanon’s Hezbollah militia.