Teen Commits Suicide After Being Bullied on Sheriff’s Facebook Page

Teen Suicide, Facebook Bullying

Andrew Cain, 19, cimmitted suicide after the local Sheriff’s Office posted a sarcastic comment about him. (KREM 2 News)

A Washington teenager committed suicide on Sunday after the local Sheriff’s Office posted a sarcastic comment about him on Facebook, reports the Daily Mail.

Andrew Cain, 19, had three warrants out for his arrest before he was found after he fatally shot himself in the head in Pullman, Washington. The teen’s family is now blaming the Sheriff’s Office for Cain’s death because just days before, the following message was posted on its Facebook page:

“We have decided that Andrew Cain is no longer the Wanted Person of the Week… he is the Wanted Person of the Month of June. Congratulations!”

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Loved ones says Cain was bullied by law enforcement and and that the post was “childish.” Cain’s sister, Alise Smith, told KREM 2 News that the messages became too much for the teen to handle.

“Those are the people protecting us, that is just not right,” Smith said. “It’s like he couldn’t escape it for five minutes cause everyone around him shared it and was bringing it up.”

Smith added that she received a text message from her brother early last week that he felt like putting a bullet through his brain. The text included a screenshot of Facebook messages from the deputy who urged Cain to turn himself in.

Smith said she wants an apology from the person who wrote the message, but has yet to receive one. However, Latah County Sheriff Wayne Rausch apologized to the family and said he told the person responsible for the message to not do anything like that ever again.

Cain had three warrants out for his arrest for driving without privileges and for possession of a controlled substance. The Sheriff’s Office did not comment on what the third warrant was for.

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