Has the FBI Found Jimmy Hoffa’s Body Outside of Detroit?

It’s been 38 years since the controversial labor leader Jimmy Hoffa went missing and was believed to be killed somewhere around Detroit, and now, authorities think they have located the body.

Infamous Michigan mobster Tony Zerilli, 85, spoke to NBC about Hoffa after decades of silence. He said that Hoffa’s body is buried in a field in Northern Oakland County, Michigan, about 45 miles north of Detroit. According to the New York Daily News, authorities are now digging in the field in search of the body.

jimmy hoffa's body

The search continues. (Getty)

Hoffa was convicted of bribery and served almost five years in prison between 1967 and 1971. In 1975, while testifying before Congress about illegal government surveillance, Hoffa disappeared sparking one of the biggest mysteries in United States history.

The location of Jimmy Hoffa’s body has been a punchline in movies and on television since the initial investigation failed to turn up any evidence. It seems like every few months, someone suggests or gets a tip as to the location of Hoffa’s final resting place. It was even suggested he was buried beneath Giant’s Stadium in New Jersey.