Manly Milk Company Makes Fur Coat Out of Human Chest Hair

Human Hair Coat British Milk

One of the last people you’d expect to come up with this wacky jacket, British milk company Wing Co. debuted this fur coat entirely made of human hair — presumably manly chest hair. Meant as a social commentary on the emasculation of British men, the coat was created by fashion designers in about 200 hours and was commissioned for £2,499 (or $3,000 American), making the labor costs of the coat approximately $15 an hour.

Fur Coat Human Hair

The coat, pictured at the Daily Mail, features over 1 million individual pieces of human hair, making it quite the statement. Speaking to Inquisitr, an unnamed Wing Co. spokesperson said the following:

We commissioned the Man-Fur Coat as a wakeup call for the nation’s gents. A way to encourage them to readopt the values of assured ‘men’s men’ from yesteryear who would laugh nonchalantly in the face of adversity and be proud of their abundant manliness.

This all in the name of selling milk.

Wing Co British Milk

As far as publicity stuns go, this one isn’t bad, and at least it will get the attention of all of those emasculated British men who, if biology worked this way, would probably be growing mustaches through sheer will at the site of this human hair fur coat.

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