Dick Cheney’s Daughter Running For Senate: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Liz Cheney, 46, the daughter of former Vice President Dick Cheney, will be running for the Senate in Wyoming, reports The New York Times.

Here’s what you need to know about the newest Cheney in American politics.

1. She Regularly Speaks About the State of the Nation Under Obama

2. She’ll Challenge Incumbent Sen. Mike Enzi Next Year

Enzi, a fellow Republican, has held the seat since 1996. According to reports she called Enzi personally to announce her intentions.

The New York Times reports that Enzi was once a fly-fishing partner to Dick Cheney.

3. The Cheney Political Machine While Be Behind Her

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With her family’s political reputation in the state of Wyoming, it’s likely the Liz Cheney campaign will be a massive undertaking.

4. There is Already Some Early Opposition

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Tea Party favorite Rand Paul has already announced his position to support Mike Enzi, a man he calls a “good conservative.” Paul told Politico:

I don’t know much about her or her politics, really, I am a friend of Sen. Enzi and while we aren’t exactly the same, I consider him a good conservative.

This may be a case of Paul getting some of his own back, as in 2010, Dick Cheney threw his support behind Paul’s GOP Primary opponent, Trey Grayson.

5. Wyoming May Face Opposition Considering Her Sister’s Sexuality

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Mary Cheney pictured in 2006 via Getty Images.

Cheney’s Sister, Mary, may cause some issues in Wyoming, a fiercely conservative/libertarian state. The New York Times reported in June:

For gay couples, life can be a delicate balance [in Wyoming]. The closest gay bar is often a long drive south to Colorado. Some couples said they introduce their partners as friends or roommates and shy away from holding hands or kissing in public.

Mary Cheney married her long time partner Heather Poe in 2012. At times Mary Cheney was a thorny issue during Dick Cheney’s political career.