NBC Offices in Cairo Raided as Military Look For Al-Jazeera

It’s being reported that security forces are searching for staff of Al-Jazeera who are hiding after the Arabic broadcaster was shut down earlier. Forces have already detained five staffers from Al-Jazeera, reports RT.

Al-Jazeera in Egypt has been shut down by security forces who are accusing the biggest broadcaster in the Middle-East of pro-Morsi and pro-Muslim Brotherhood sympathies. Reuters is reporting:

Karim El-Assiuti told Reuters his colleagues at the Al Jazeera Mubasher Misr channel were arrested while working in the studio. The station was prevented from broadcasting from a pro-Mursi rally and its crew there was also detained, he said.

Egyptian President Morsi Ousted In Military Coup

Below you can hear the moment where forces loyal to the military coup raided the Al-Jazeera telling them to shut down. Al-Jazeera, which is Qatari owned, says:

Al Jazeera’s live Egypt service have been taken off air along with several other TV channels.

Reports from our correspondents say this happened during a live broadcast when security forces stormed the building and arrested the presenter, guests and producers.

That message so far has one comment:

NBC Raided in Egypt as Military Look For Al-Jazeera Tahrir Square

Earlier today, the government of President Morsi was overthrown by a military coup which was popularly driven forward by throngs of people at Tahrir Square in Cairo. Despite the closure, Al-Jazeera has continued tweeting with reports, allegedly, from the ground: