Walmart Shooting in Houston: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Police are on the scene of a deadly officer-involved shooting at a Walmart in Houston, reports ABC13.

This is a breaking story to please stay tuned for updates.

Here’s what we know so far…

1. One Person Has Been Killed

Early reports from the Houston Chronicle, say that a man approached a Texas state trooper’s vehicle and produced a gun. The man demanded the trooper give him his car. The trooper fired two shots at the man, killing him.

He was pronounced dead at 3:20 p.m. local time.

2. It Happened in Northwest Houston

It occurred in northwest Houston, around the area of Copperfield in northwest Harris County. In 2009, the area endured a spate of burglaries with residents asking for more police presence, reported ABC 10 at the time.

3. It Will Be Investigated by the DPS

The shooting was first responded to by the Harris County Sheriff’s Office, it will be investigated by the Texas Department of Public Safety. The trooper who was shot was a Texas DPS Trooper, reports CBS Dallas.

4. The Trooper Had Been Called the Scene

Someone had alerted the authorities to the man as he had been seen in the parking lot of the Walmart, apparently trying to break into cars.

Department of Public Safety spokesman John Sampa told the media:

He didn’t actually carjack anybody, probably because the car doors were locked, but he was actually trying to open up car doors as the cars were going on FM 529.

5. It’s the Second Walmart Shooting in 24 Hours

This comes a day after another Walmart shooting in Philadelphia, where a man unwittingly shot himself in the hand, reports State College News.