BREAKING: 2 Boston Police Officers Shot, 1 Gunman Dead, 1 On Loose

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(Image courtesy of Twitter)

Two undercover Boston drug officers have been shot in the area of 1500 Dorchester Avenue.

Police are now asking the public for assistance.

This story is currently developing…

1. Two Police Officers Were Shot

Boston Police have confirmed that two undercover drug officers have been shot in the area of 1500 Dorchester Avenue in Boston. The officers, one dressed in plain clothes, have been taken to a local Boston hospital with non-life threatening injuries. One cop was shot in the leg. It is unclear whether the second officer sustained an injury.

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2. One Suspect Is Dead, Another Is At Large

One suspect was shot by the officers and has died from his injuries.

A second shooter is currently at large. He has been described as a slim black male with a lite complex, wearing a striped maroon shirt and braided hair. SWAT have responded and are currently searching nearby buildings for the suspect. Authorities are swarming the surrounding area.

There have been reports of a police officer engaging in a foot pursuit of a suspect matching the description. The missing gunman seems to have been identified by police as reports are coming in that he is well known to local authorities.

3. Police Have Discovered A Possible Truck Involved In The Shooting

There are few details at this point but Boston Police have shut down Dorchester avenue after discovering an unidentified truck that may be involved in the shooting incident.

4. Witnesses Heard Officer Telling Gunmen To Drop Weapons

Witnesses of the shooting have claimed that they heard officers order the gunmen to drop their weapons. The warning were heard just before several shots were fired.

5. Police Are Approaching House With Armored Vehicle

Boston Police are currently approaching the back of a house, armed with rifles and backed by an armored police vehicle. It is possible that this house is related to the wanted gunman, who has been said to be known by local authorities.

A woman has been arrested from the house. It is unknown how she is connected to the shooting. Members of Boston SWAT have entered the house in full gear to conduct a sweep.