Witnesses: Amber Alert ‘Victim’ NOT Held Against Her Will

amber alert Idaho

It now appears likely that 16-year-old Hannah Anderson is not being held against her will, members of the San Diego County Sheriff’s Department hinted in the press conference above. That is what witnesses who saw the pair camping in Idaho seem to believe.

“As far as we know, it didn’t appear (Hannah) was being held against her will,” said Bill Gore, the San Diego County Sheriff.

Authorities following the witnesses’ tip also found the blue Nissan wanted in association with James DiMaggio and the Amber Alert out for San Diego 16-year-old Hannah Anderson.

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The San Diego County Sheriff’s Department said that on Wednesday a group of horseback riders outside of Cascade, Idaho encountered two people that seemed out of place. On Wednesday night, when they saw the news of the Amber Alert, they alerted the authorities. The horseback riders say they were unable to determine if the girl was being held against her will, but say she did not seem to be held captive.

Authorities say that given the camping equipment the two were seen using, the flight seems to have been planned. Both of them had backpacks.


The blue Nissan Versa was found covered in brush and with the license plates removed near the River of No Return.

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