George Zimmerman Domestic Violence Incident: Shellie Changes Her Story



Shellie Zimmerman appears to have taken back what she initially claimed was going on at her parent’s home in Florida yesterday. George Zimmerman’s estranged wife called police in a panic, accusing her husband of punching her father in the face and uttering threats to use his gun. You can listen to the 911 call here:

Today, authorities revealed that most of the things she claimed in the call were false. The main point being that George did not actually have a gun on him during the altercation. Police did not find a weapon on him when they detained him at gunpoint, reports The Orlando Sentinel.

“We did not find a gun, did not locate a weapon,” said Zach Hudson, public information officer with the Lake Mary Police Department. “Nobody ever saw a gun. A gun is not part of this story.”

No charges will be filed against either party, according to local police.

What does appear to be true is that George did attempt to destroy her wife’s iPad, which she was using to film him with. Police confirmed today that the tablet “is in multiple pieces.” Police hope to be able to extract the video file from the device to shed more light on yesterday’s events. With the destruction of this piece of property, George could face charges over destruction of evidence as it’s being reported that Shellie Zimmerman was recording the incident on her iPad.

To add insult to injury to George after his wife left him, it appears that Zimmerman’s famed attorney, Mark O’Meara has said he is will not be representing the acquitted murderer in any of these charges or any potential divorce proceedings.


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