Groom Shoved Off Cliff by Wife Had Wedding Song About ‘Climbing’ & ‘Falling’



News emerged last week of a newly wed wife allegedly pushing her husband off a cliff, killing him after having second thoughts about the marriage. Today, a singer hired to create a custom song for the couple’s first dance has released the lyrics that hold shockingly similar imagery to the suspected murder.

The woman who wrote the song, according to the Daily Mail, composed the lyrics based on interviews she did with the bride and groom before the wedding.

“I used words like ‘you helped me to climb higher for a better view, you’re my safe place to fall, you never let me go,'” songwriter Elizabeth Shea told CNN. “Now when I hear those words, it’s a little creepy.”

Jordan Linn Graham, the accused, has been held on house arrest at her parent’s home with a GPS ankle monitor. According to the Daily Mail, she has been ordered to undergo a mental health evaluation and submit to radio frequency monitoring.

Authorities say that Graham has admitted to shoving her husband, Jordan, off a cliff on July 7 after an argument.