FDNY Adds 12 New Names to September 11 Memorial Wall

On Friday, hundreds of New York City fire fighters gathered at the Brooklyn headquarters of the FDNY to see 12 new names be added to the World Trade Center Memorial Wall.

The wall contains the 64, now 76, names of those firefighters who died due to September 11-related illnesses contracted in the line of duty. Sadly, every year a ceremony is held at the memorial wall to add the names of those 9/11 first responders who succumbed to related illnesses that year.

According to numerous reports, the affects the 9/11 attacks had on the environment in lower Manhattan were catastrophic. Toxic materials such as heavy metals, as well as dangerous dust, were breathed in to the lungs of first responders causing illnesses ranging from certain cancers to terrible respiratory illnesses caused by the inhalation of pulverized glass.

A first responder takes a moment in lower Manhattan on September 11, 2001. (Getty)

A first responder takes a moment in lower Manhattan on September 11, 2001. (Getty)

Nyc.gov reports that the 12 names added to the memorial this year were:

Deputy Assistant Chief of EMS John McFarland, EMS Operations; Battalion Chief John Corcoran, Battalion 52; Lieutenant Marty Fullam, Ladder 87; Lieutenant Patrick Sullivan, Ladder 58; Firefighter Michael Behette, Ladder 172; Firefighter Andrew Dal Cortivo, Engine 227; Firefighter Charles Jones, Ladder 165; Firefighter Michael Mongelli, Battalion 39; Firefighter Larry Sullivan, Rescue 5; Paramedic Ruben Berrios, Station 20; EMT Anthony Ficara, Station 43; and EMT Joseph Schiumo, Station 20.

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