Sharkeisha: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

This is the viral video that has taken Twitter by storm. It shows a girl, named Sharkeisha, beating the hell out of a girl named Shay. On the video, which has been banned from Instagram, you can hear Sharkeisha’s shocked friend yelling at her, “Don’t kick her, Sharkeisha!”

Sharkeisha replies: “You was supposed to be my n*****, but where the f*** was you going? Who the f*** was you trying to f***?!”

Here’s the full clip, via WorldStarHipHop:

As you can see, it’s not clear what makes Sharkeisha snap.

The video first surfaced online on the night of November 26. Within hours it had flooded Instagram and Twitter, as “Sharkeisha” soared to the top of Twitter trends.

Since her instant rise to infamy, speculation has run rampant on social media and in various reports regarding who Sharkeisha is and whether she’s been punished or arrested.

Here’s what we know — and don’t know — about this viral monster:

1. ‘Queen Sharkeisha’ Has Been Tweeting About Her Viral Success

A Twitter user purporting to be the villain of the video is reveling in her newfound notoriety.


On November 26, Queen Sharkeisha (formerly Sharkeisha Boss Ass) had some 400 followers. By the evening of November 27 she had 25,000 and counting.


The Twitter profile proclaims that she doesn’t “take ahit from nobody” and that Jesus is her lord.

2. The Internet Has Been Swarmed With Silly Tributes

Sharkeisha Shay Instagram Sharknado Meme Vine Viral Beating.

The brutal video spawned a massive response, but reactions were more comical than concerned. The Internet sprang into action, generating memes at a feverish pace. Soon the spoofs were ubiquitous.



See more of the memes here:

3. There’s a Sharkeisha With a Criminal Record in North Carolina; She’s 22 Years Old

IB Times reported that Sharkeisha’s full name may be “Sharkeisha Tyesha Thompson” — this based on a much-retweeted tweet from @desusnice, a user who also blogs at this very NSFW Tumblr (you’ve been warned). His tweet includes a screenshot of an apparent mugshot:

// reveals that a Sharkeisha Tyesha Thompson (note the slight spelling difference from @desusnice’s screenshot, which shows “Sharkiesha Tyeshia“) was arrested in 2011 on a charge of “uttering a forged instrument.” The website displays a different mugshot of what could be the same woman in @desusnice’s screenshot.

That same record shows Sharkeisha Tyesha Thompson’s date of birth — 02/05/1991 — making her 22 years old today.

The Twitter account purporting to be Sharkeisha from the video describes her as a member of the “#class off 2019.”

If that means the high school class of 2019, it would make the puncher 12 or 13 (older if she’s been held back) — not 22.

4. Sharkeisha Is Likely in Serious Trouble


A brutal assault witnessed by millions is guaranteed to draw the attention of law enforcement.

The Queen Sharkeisha Twitter account referred several times to cops closing in on her — knocking on her door and calling her phone.


Meanwhile, responding to the terrifying rumors that the victim in the video has committed suicide, Queen Sharkeisha responds with the utmost lack of remorse:



And if she’s afraid of the law catching up with her, you wouldn’t know it from this:


5. Sharkeisha’s in the Urban Dictionary

Sharkeisha Shay Instagram Sharknado Meme Vine Viral Beating.

(Urban Dictionary)

Proving just how Internet-famous she became overnight, Sharkeisha already has a robust definition entry in the Urban Dictionary.

As of 10:41 EST November 27, she was defined in six variations, as both a noun and verb, including:

2. Sharkeisha
( Char • kee • shuh ) Verb. 1. To Punch The Soul From Another Being’s Body.

5. Sharkeisha
A heavyset female with beady eyes who sneaks a falcon punch in a fight, when you aren’t looking. Attacks when you aren’t paying attention, much like a shark. Pretty in the face, but ugly in every other way. Auto-correct tends to pop up when you type it in, and offer Lakeisha as an alternative.

Her made-for-Internet-jokes name likely has as much to do with the viral-ity of the video as does its extreme violence. Defending her moniker’s honor, Sharkeisha claims she is her grandma’s namesake:


If only grandma had lived to see her granddaughter win the Internet with a brutal sucker punch.

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