Dennis Rodman Returns to North Korea to Visit His ‘Friend’

Dennis Rodman Paddy Power North Korea Kim Jong-Un


So apparently Dennis Rodman has returned to North Korea for his third visit in partnership with Irish betting company Paddy Power, reports Reuters.

Rodman told the agency:

It’s certainly safe, even when there is a bit of disruption like there is now — a bit of trouble or chaos — there’s even more need for cultural or sporting exchanges.

The formner-NBA star, who has a brand of vodka coming out this week, doesn’t seem to care about the execution that was ordered by his “friend” Kim Jong-Un or the detention of American pensioner Merrill Newman.

Rodman told The Associated Press earlier in December about the role he felt he was going to playing in mediation between the US and North Korea:

I’m the only one in the world who will go talk to this guy and try and find some common ground with these people. I’m hoping that gap between America and North Korea can close. Those guys love a lot about America. They love it. That’s why I go over there.

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