Police Charge Man Suspected of 7 ‘Knockout Game’ Assaults: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

knockout game arrest


The 35-year-old East New York man who was arrested on December 29 on suspicion of a string of assaults was charged today. Barry Baldwin is being charged with participating a number of “knockout game” attacks, during which someone attempts to knock out an unsuspecting passer-by with a single punch.

Here is what you need to know about the man and his alleged crimes:

1. He’s Accused of 7 ‘Knockout Game’ Assaults on Women

Between November 9 and December 27, Baldwin is suspected of committing 7 assaults in predominately Jewish neighborhoods in Brooklyn. According to WPTV, the attacks began on November 9 when Baldwin is believed to have punched a 78-year-old woman pushing a stroller. His next alleged attack, occurring on December 7, involved a 20-year-old woman being punched in the back of the head.

As many as 5 more women who were assaulted in these neighborhoods are believed to be the victims of Baldwin’s knockout spree.

2. He Was Arrested by ‘Hate Crime Detectives’

Since the spree of attacks in predominately Jewish neighborhoods, “hate crime detectives” have been canvasing certain neighborhoods looking for assaults. He was arrested after a witness identified him on a police line up.

3. He is Charged With Multiple Counts of Assault

Baldwin by Matt Guariglia

Baldwin is charged with six counts with aggravated assault as a hate crime, and six counts of assault as a hate crime. He is due back in court on January 9.

4. A Texas Man Is Also Being Charged With a Knockout Hate Crime

knockout arrests

Conrad Alvin Barrett’s mugshot after his 2003 DUI.

In Houston, Texas, 27-year-old Conrad Alvin Barrett is being charged with hate crimes for filming himself punching a 79-year-old black man in a knockout-style attack. Like Baldwin, prosecutors have evidence that Barrett set out to attack a person of a different race.

5. There Have Been Over a Dozen Attacks in Brooklyn Alone

Although the knock out game is considered prevalent in certain neighborhoods of Brooklyn, there is evidence of attacks across the country.