Dustin Friedland 911 Call Released

Last December, Dustin Friedland was shot dead in front of his wife Jamie at the upscale Short Hills Mall in New Jersey, while they were returning to their car after Christmas shopping. Dustin opened the passenger door for his wife, when a group of carjackers demanded Dustin hand over the keys to his Range Rover. Sources suspect that Friedland may have refused out of fear that the carjackers might take his wife Jamie with them.

Yesterday, police released the 911 call made by an anguished Jamie Friedland, trying to find out when help would arrive for her dying husband, saying:

“Yes, this is an emergency. I’m at the Short Hills mall parking lot. My husband has been shot. We called an ambulance a half an hour ago. Where is it?”

The dispatcher assures her the ambulance is on its way, to which Jamie screams back “When? When? When? Give me a time!”

The Millburn Police Department say that the ambulance took 17 to 18 minutes to arrive at the mall, then had difficulty fitting beneath the parking garage’s low ceilings. A gurney eventually was wheeled up to the third floor of the parking lot where Friedland lay bleeding. It’s unclear whether Friedland could have been saved if emergency services arrived earlier. You can listen to the 911 calls above.