One Man Shot in Back at Ohio Home Depot

Home Depot Shooting North Olmsted Ohio


One man has been shot in the back at a Home Depot in North Olmsted, Ohio, reports Newsnet5.

Here’s what you need to know:

1. The Man Was Shot as he Waited by a Van

There is only one reported victim, a 34-year-old man, he was conscious while he was transported to Fairview Hostpital. reports that a man was standing by a van when another man opened fire on him.

2. Cops Arrested a Suspect

Reports indicate a suspect has been taken into custody. It’s alleged that the perp waited for the man in the store’s parking lot and opened fire. The man attempted to flee, but was spotted by an off-duty paramedic who took down his license plate. The man was then arrested, reports

3. The Store is Not Locked Down

The store is remaining open. According to reporter Cory Shaffer, the shooting took place in the store’s parking lot but the wounded man made his way into the store.

4. Home Depot Are ‘Aware’ of the Shooting

Home Depot have released a statement saying they are co-operating with the investigation, according to WKYC.

5. The Store is Just Outside of Cleveland

The store is located on Brookpark Road in North Olmsted, Ohio.

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