Bundy Ranch Standoff: Top 10 Facts You Need to Know

6. Protesters on the Ground Have Reported Cell Phone Outages



Starting Friday afternoon, protesters on the ground began reporting that their cell phones were not working, and that they believed the government had tampered with the cell towers. Protesters and supporters sent out on Twitter a request for new arrivals to bring satellite phones to the protest.

7. Social Media Support Is Pouring in for the Bundys

Both on Twitter and Facebook, people from around the country are voicing their support for the Bundy family. The Facebook group shown above already has over 40,000 members signing up for updates from the ranch.

nuclear bundy

8. ‘Militia’ Members May Be Headed to Nevada

bundy ranch

Army Guards flank Cliven Bundy on his ranch. (Getty)

There are already a number of armed guards around Cliven Bundy and his house, but every day more and more “militia” members opposing the federal government are vowing to head to the Bundy ranch. CBS Las Vegas reported that armed men from as far away as Utah and and Montana have already arrived, but that Bundy’s defenders were also expecting armed citizens from dissent organizations in New Hampshire, Texas and Florida.

9. Some Believe the Government Wants the Land for Solar Development

Armed security guards guard the entrance to Rancher Cliven Bundy ranch house. (Getty)

Armed security guards guard the entrance to Rancher Cliven Bundy ranch house. (Getty)

According to conspiracy and ultra-right-wing news organization Inforwars, the Bureau of Land Management recently removed documents from its website. The documents, titled “Regional Mitigation Strategy for the Dry Lake Solar Energy Zone,” enclose a plan for solar power developments in the region of the Bundy ranch. The documents reportedly contain a clause that says the project would be hindered by the presence of “trespass cattle.”

10. The Seized Cattle Were Headed to Utah for Auction



According to Deseret News, a number of Utah politicians stepped forward to oppose previous plans that would bring any of Bundy’s contentious cattle seized by the government to Utah for auction.