A Fuse Sparked a ‘Pipe Bomb’ Scare Near Boston’s South Station

pipe bomb boston

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A suspected pipe bomb, now believed to be a high voltage fuse that fell off a truck, was reported at Mass DOT’s Division Six headquarters near Boston’s South Station, drawing an emergency response on the first anniversary of the Boston Marathon Bombing.

Here’s what we know so far. Stay tuned for updates.

1. Local and State Police Have Detonated a Device/h2>

Massachusetts State Police cautiously detonated the suspected device in order to “error on side of caution.” This is a procedure by which police explode an object suspected of being a bomb rather than investigate closer and put their lives potentially at risk.

According to Adam Gaffin of Boston’s Universal Hub, a potential second detonation has been called off.

2. The ‘Possible Pipe Bomb’ May Be a High-Voltage Fuse

The Globe reports the state fire marshall called the device a “possible pipe bomb.”

The authorities and the Boston Globe confirmed that the authorities investigated “possible pipe bomb” spotted outside the building. The Massachusetts Department of Fire Services however, later reported possible pipe bomb is actually a high voltage fuse. The fuse, according to the Boston Globe, is believed to have fallen off the back of a utility truck.

3. Emergency Response Teams Are On the Scene

Emergency response teams, including Boston’s bomb squad were dispatched to the site.

4. The Suspicious Package Is Outside the Department of Transportation’s Division Six Headquarters

The building is located at 185 Kneeland Street, around half-a-mile from downtown Boston. The building serves as a headquarters for highway maintenance for the state of Massachusetts.

5. The Device Was Reportedly Spotted by a State Trooper

According to the Boston Globe, a trooper driving through the area saw what he reported as a “suspicious device” near the building. The specifics of where the object was and what it looked like are not clear.

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