Jaguars Draft Blake Bortles: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

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Draft Day is here! Here’s everything you need to know about first round draft pick Blake Bortles. Formerly a QB for UCF, he’s gone to the Jags…so Florida football fans should be pretty stoked.

1. Blake Bortles Will Pay For Brother’s College Education

CBS Sports writes that Blake plans to spend his big NFL salary to send his brother to college. Colby, his brother, is a freshman baseball player at Ole Miss. Colby has a baseball scholarship, but that doesn’t give him a full ride.

2. Blake Bortles Is Considered a Risky Draft Pick by Some

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Bleacher Report refers to Blake as a “massive risk.” Bleacher Report adds:

“Bortles is far from a finished product, which you can say for almost every college player, but it carries even more weight in this case.

His mechanics, decision-making and ball control are not at a level that should see him on an NFL field within his first year. “

Despite this “risky” rating, Bortles was drafted much higher in the rankings than every expert predicted.

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3. Bortles Is 6’5″, Has Impressive Physique

On the NFL Draft profile for Bortles, it is revealed that he is 6’5″ and weighs 232. The profile has a number of impressive stats that showcase this player’s athletic prowess:

“Earned American Athletic Conference Offensive Player of the Year in ’13 after tossing 259-382-3,581-25-9 (67.8) in 13 starts. Threw for 301 yards (three TDs) and rushed for 93 yards (one score) to earn Tostitos Fiesta Bowl MVP honors. One of only two UCF quarterbacks to pass for more than 3,000 yards in multiple seasons (Daunte Culpepper). Had 195 career rushing attempts for 561 yards (2.9-yard average) and 15 touchdowns.”

4. Blake Bortles Is Dating Lindsey Duke

Blake is dating the lovely Lindsey Duke, and is often asked about dating her during press interviews.

5. Blake Bortles Was Expected to Be Drafted by Cleveland Browns, Went to Jaguars Instead

Prior to the Jaguars snatching up Bortles, it seemed possible that the Browns would snag Bortles. noted:

“Bortles had a 45-minute one-on-one meeting with Browns owner Jimmy Haslam during his visit to Cleveland last month, and got a good vibe from the club.”

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