WATCH: Naked Guy Dives Through Sunroof of Moving Car & Attacks Woman

In this shocking new viral video, a crazed naked man leaps through the sunroof of a moving car and attacks the woman driving it.

The bizarre incident occurred Friday, May 16, in Dallas, Texas, at the corner of Zang Boulevard and Oakenwald Street.

The victim told ABC Dallas that the suspect choked her and pulled her hair.

The video, captured by a man named Marcus Payne from a nearby apartment window, first shows the suspect sitting naked on the ground. Then, after he jumps through the sunroof — his bare legs flailing in the air — it shows the victim trying to steer her car off the road as police, who saw the incident, run after the vehicle.

The New York Daily News identifies the suspect as 23-year-old Nicholas Dyll. Officers believe the suspect was on drugs.

The victim reported her car sustained more than $3,000 in damage.