WATCH: Rare Video Released of FDR Walking

Rare Footage of FDR Walking Donated to PARare film footage that shows President Franklin D. Roosevelt walking has been donated to the Pennsylvania State Archives by the family of former baseball player Jimmie DeShong, a Harrisburg native who shot the film at the 1937 All-Star game. (May 16)2014-05-16T16:04:11.000Z

After Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s polio worsened, the president was hardly ever seen walking, let alone filmed walking. Now, thanks to a donation to the Pennsylvania Historical & Museum Commission, a second video of FDR walking has been made viewable.

The footage, which you can watch above, was taken in 1937 as FDR struggled to exit a baseball stadium in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. The video was taken by Major League Baseball pitcher Jimmie DeShong, and his family recently donated the film to the state historical association.

According to the Daily Mail, the footage will also be used in Ken Burns’ upcoming documentary about the Roosevelts.

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