MLB All-Star Game 2014: Score, Recap & Highlights

AL: 5

NL: 3

MVP: The LA Angels’ Mike Trout became the 2nd youngest MVP in All-Star history. He had the choice to take home either a corvette or a Chevy Silverado. He chose the Vette.

The American League beat the National League in the 85th annual MLB All-Star Game for the second consecutive year to win home field advantage for the World Series.

With performances by Idina Menzel along with Derek Jeter’s farewell tribute, it was one of the biggest events on the baseball calendar.

The National League batted in the top of the inning, the American League in the bottom.

Here’s how it went down:

1st Inning


Jeter almost made the first out of the game with a beautiful catch and throw, but was a hundredth of a second too late.


Jeter led off with a beautiful double, showing off his veteran skill and giving the crowd exactly the show they wanted. Someone in the corwd even had the nerve to yell “overrated” before Jeter got up to bat. Jeter shut him up quickly.

Mike Trout followed with a triple to bat in Jeter who scored the first goal of the game.

Two base hit, three base hit, and then Cabrera finished off the hits with a home run to make the score 3-0 AL. Couldn’t make this up if you tried.

2nd Inning


Ramirez started the inning with a double.

Utley followed with another double to get and RBI.

Lucroy hits the third double of the National League to make it 3-2!


Kershaw pitched a 1-2-3 inning after replacing Wainwright to keep the score at 3-2.

3rd Inning



Jeter is 2 for 2 with a single in the third.

Cabrera hit a line drive to Tulowitzki to end the inning.

4th Inning



Greinke pitched a phenomenal 1-2-3 inning.

5th Inning


Puig swings and misses for his 3rd strikeout of the game. He has yet to get a hit in the ASG.

National League captain Tulowitzki gets a double, but Goldschmidt struck out next to end the inning.


Mike Trout nails a double to bring in another run to put the AL up 4-3. His hit was controversial as many think it went foul.

Ramirez tagged third base and ran in for the point after Altuve’s fly out to left field to bring the AL up 5-3.

The innings ends with RBIs by Trout and Altuve.

6th Inning


Ramirez has his 2nd hit of the night and advances to second base, but no one helps him get home.


Freddie Freeman closed out the inning with one man on base with a beautiful split to get Gordon out.

7th Inning Stretch

7th Inning



8th Inning


Freddie Freeman hits a single, but Rizzo strikes out directly after to bring them to 2 outs.

Frazier follows with a hit to put the NL with men on 1st and 2nd base, but Murphy strikes out to end the inning.


Chapman goes in as pitcher and closes out the inning, however he walks off the field limping.

9th Inning


Perkins closes out the game for the third consecutive American League win.


Like the Home Run Derby last night, the All-Star Game will also take place at Target Field in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Click below to see the full team rosters:

National League

American League

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