Nathaniel Kibby Enters No Plea in Abby Hernandez Case

Nathaniel Kibby, charged with the kidnapping of Abby Hernandez in New Hampshire on October 9, 2013, entered no plea in the case. The defendant chose to be represented by a public defender. His lawyer sought to have the criminal complaint in the case to be unsealed, something that was denied by the judge.

Kibby was referred to as “Nate” by his lawyer throughout proceedings. The New Hampshire attorney general was granted a bail of $1 million, cash only, for Kibby. Terms of the bail included the provision that Kibby make no attempt to contact Abby Hernandez or her family. The conditions also forbid Kibby from using alcohol or firearms if he was to be released on bail. Abby Hernandez and her mother, Zenya, were in the courtroom. As Kibby walked into the room, you could see him glance at the 15-year-old.

Kibby will be back in court on August 12.