WATCH: United Nations Representative to Gaza Breaks Down Crying on TV

Christopher Gunness, a United Nations spokesperson working for the United Nations Relief and Works Agency in Palestine, has been a very visible presence during the ongoing Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Gunness has always been able to keep his cool, that is, until today. Speaking to Al Jazeera Arabic, Gunness broke down and cried while discussing the fate of Palestinian children. You can watch the video above.

On Wednesday, Israeli forces shelled a United Nations-run school in which 3,300 civilians were seeking refuge from the perpetual bombing that’s rocked Gaza since early July. In the attack at least 19 people died and hundreds more were injured. Across Palestine, Al Jazeera estimates that 180,000 Palestinians are currently seeking refuge in 80 United Nations schools.




This is the fault of the United States, Britian, Egypt, and other countries that are backing Israel. I am more than appalled. Who ever backs Israel, your generations shall suffer ten fold.

Felipe Aguena

Yeah, Maybe if the US and Israel go for the ultimate team-up they can just open concentration camps for the Palestineans and wipe them out with gas chambers, that way the war will really end quicker