Ferguson Protesters File $40 Million Civil Rights Lawsuit [DOC]

A group of Ferguson protesters has filed a $40 million lawsuit alleging brutality and civil rights violations occurred as militarized police wantonly cracked down in the wake of the Michael Brown shooting.

The suit, on behalf of six plaintiffs, names the following defendants: Ferguson Police Chief Thomas Jackson, St. Louis County Police Chief Jon Belmar, Ferguson police officer Justin Cosma, various unnamed police officers (John Does), the city of Ferguson and St. Louis County.

The suit was filed by attorneys Gregory Lattimer, Malik Shabazz with Black Lawyers for Justice, and Reginald Green.

See the full lawsuit below, obtained by St. Louis Public Radio.


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The lawsuit should be against the phony protesters, since they were only there to loot and destroy property.


I can only imagine how many more lawsuits will happen now that this is out! Money hungry attorneys, and residents of ferguson. IF these people get any money, they can pay it to the business owners who’s businesses were broken into, robbed and burned to the ground. Maybe the guy that was with Mike Brown breaking the law, can sue because he was asked to get on the sidewalk….poor guy. I’m about tired of hearing about Ferguson.

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