Eastland Center Shooting: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

A rapper has been shot at the Eastland Center mall in Detroit, reports Click on Detroit. The rapper has been named as Detroit-area star Hardwork Jig.

Here’s what we know so far:

1. Jig Was There Signing Autographs Last Weekend

The rapper was signing autographs at the mall last weekend. Apparently he had returned to day, and according to reporter Shawn Ley, he was ambushed as he exited.

2. He’s In Serious Condition

The rapper is considered to be in “serious condition.” Click on Detroit further reports that are shell casings located around the Macy’s entrance to the mall. A woman was also hit in the attack, she is in critical condition, reports My Fox Detroit.

3. Jig Was Hit by a ‘Hail of Gunfire’

According to Shawn Ley, the couple were “ambushed” as they left the small. He added that they were hit by “hail of gunfire” by a group of men.

4. He Was Not Making an Official Appearance at the Mall

The singer’s appearance at the mall was not official. According to the mall’s website, there are no events scheduled there for August.

5. This Is the Second Shooting at the Mall in 3 Years

The mall was opened in 1957 and is located in the inner-ring suburb of Detroit. It’s located here at 18000 Vernier Road. In 2011, there was another shooting at the mall. A man, Byron Jones, was charged with assault with intent to murder in that case.