Breaking: Amber Joy Vinson to Be Transferred to Emory Hospital in Atlanta

The CDC announced Wednesday that Amber Joy Vinson, second of two Dallas nurses to be diagnosed with Ebola, will be transported to Emory University Hospital in Atlanta. She is reported to be in stable condition.

This is the same hospital that treated Dr. Kent Brantly, and Nancy Writebol, the American aid workers who contracted Ebola in Liberia over the summer. Close to the CDC, it is one of the best-equipped hospitals in the country to deal with highly infectious diseases, and successfully treated Brantly and Writebol without further transmissions.

Kent Brantley Rick Sacra

Dr. Kent Brantly. (Getty)

Nina Pham, the first nurse to be diagnosed with Ebola after treating Thomas Eric Duncan, is continuing to be treated in Texas Presbyterian and has received a blood transfusion from Ebola survivor Brantly. She is reported to be in good condition.

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