Where Do I Vote in the Midterm Elections 2014?

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Wondering where to vote in today’s midterm elections? Google has a built-in search tool where you can enter your address and get answers. The search engine is directing people to the tool with a Google Doodle to honor the occasion.

Rockthevote.com also has a search tool for ‘Voting Information Lookup‘, where voters can search what is on the ballot and where they can vote.

These elections will determine whether control of the Senate will tip to the left or the right, something that has been up in the air for most of the election season and that will affect the final two years of the Obama administration.

The polls are leaning towards the Republicans, but some races are still very close, with leads well within the margin of error for polling. The GOP needs a net gain of six seats to take control of Congress’ upper chamber for the first time since 2006.

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