Bobby Shmurda Arrested: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Rapper Bobby Shmurda has been arrested in New York City on weapons charges. His bail has been set at an astonishing $2 million.

Here’s what you need to know:

1. His Whole Entourage Have Been Taken Into Custody

Blogger Karen Civil reports that Shmurda was arrested on the night of December 16 along with members of his 6S9 crew at Quad Studios, close to Times Square.

2. This Is His Second Arrest in 4 Months

This is the second arrest in four months for Shmurda on weapons charges. TMZ reported in August 2014 that Shmurda had been arrested in Brooklyn for possession of a Glock handgun. According to documents in the case, Shmurda had been showing off the gun to friends when a cop saw it through the window. Then in October 2014, Shmurda was picked up by the NYPD for weed possession, TMZ reports. A friend told the gossip site at the time that Shmurda thought the cops were out to get him.

3. The Man Who Signed to Shmurda to Epic Records Was Also Arrested

Shmurda’s friend and collaborator, Sha Money XL was also arrested and is reportedly not asking for bail in the case. In August 2014, Billboard reported that Sha Money had signed Shmurda to Epic records for nearly $3 million.

4. Shmurda Grew Up in Brooklyn

Shmurda’s last tweet came just before his arrested. He was running a competition for his followers, offering a secret gig in New York City. He grew up in the New York City borough of Brooklyn, in the East Flatbush neighborhood. Shmurda was born in Florida as Ackquille Jean Pollard. He moved to Brooklyn when he was a toddler after his father was sentence to prison in Brooklyn.

5. His Debut Album Is Due to Drop in 2015

Shmurda’s debut album is due out in 2015 on Epic Records. It’s produced by Jahlil Beats, whose known for his collaborations with Jay-Z, 50 Cent and Lil Wayne. Shmurda began as arguably Vine’s first hip-hop star.