WATCH: Justice Nora Longoria Traffic Stop Dashcam Video

Nora Longoria dashcam video released after charges were dropped in DWI caseFOLLOW this link to see the FULL UNEDITED dash cam video of Justice Nora Longoria: For more information head to our website:

Court of Appeals Judge Nora Longoria of Hidalgo County, Texas was arrested for a DUI in July.

Last month, the District Attorney claimed it lacked evidence to prosecute the justice and another judge threw the case out.

According to the DA, they never received the above dashcam video which shows Longoria drunkenly stumbling through a sobriety field test. She was originally pulled over for going nearly 70 MPH in a 55 MPH speed zone, but was brought in for a DUI after she failed the sobriety test.

The video has no audio but cops allege that during the stop, Longoria was pleading with them to let her go.

McAllen police say they don’t know why the DA never received the video of Longoria’s sobriety test, and calls to Longoria have remained unanswered.

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