Adam Dandach: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

A California man accused of trying to join ISIS has been indicted on federal terrorism charges. Adam Dandach, 21, was first arrested in July on passport fraud charges and was indicted by a federal grand jury on March 4.

Here’s what you need to know:

1. Dandach’s Mother Hid His Passport When She Thought He Might Go to Syria

Dandach, who also went by the name of Fadi Fadi Dandach, according to the U.S. Attorney’s Office, is facing charges of attempting to provide material support to a terrorist organization, obstruction of justice and making false statements on a passport application. A press release from the Department of Justice states that he said on the application that he had lost his original passport. But investigators believe that he was just trying to avoid his mother, who had his passport.

His arrest documents from July say that his mother and brother hid Dandach’s passport when they thought he might try to go to Syria. According to the Department of Justice, Dandach told investigators that he believed killing U.S. soldiers was justified. Dandach will be arraigned in court on March 16. If convicted on all charges, he could face 90 years in prison.

2. Adam Dandach Had a Conversation With Prominent Muslim Activist Mo Ansar on Twitter

There is a Twitter account linked to an Adam Dandach that goes by the handle “@Al_Fadi1414.” The profile picture for the page shows the flag of ISIS. The account is protected. In the about section, Al_Fadi writes, “The Messenger of Alla (pbuh) said: If anyone asks Allah for martyrdom sincerely, Allah make him reach the ranks of martyrs though he may die on his bed.” The background picture on the site shows the map of the U.S. with an Islamic flag over it. That account participated in at least one conversation about the conflict in Syria. In October 2013, an Adam Dandach spoke to the very prominent Muslim activist Mohammed Ansar. Their conversation was about the interpretation of Muslim law. Ansar’s Twitter shows him appearing on the BBC and being interviewed by Russell Brand.

3. He Was Planning to Fly the Usual ISIS Convert Route Through Turkey

In July 2014, Dandach was arrested at John Wayne Airport in Santa Ana, California, according to the criminal complaint from back then. You can read those documents above. The docs from back then stated that he was planning to cross the border into Syria after flying to Turkey. He pleaded not guilty back then, reported the O.C. Register.

4. Prior to His Arrest, He Had Been Trying to Delete His Web History



The Department of Justice alleges that Dandach had contacted the administrator of a website asking the admin to delete the suspect’s search history. That website isn’t named in the release.

5. He Lived With His Mother

The center of the idyllic town of Orange in California. (Wikipedia)

The center of the idyllic town of Orange in California. (Wikipedia)

At the time of his original arrest, the OC Register reported that Dandich lived in the town of Orange, in an apartment with his mother. He graduated from El Modena High School in Orange in 2012, reports KTLA.